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Who We Treat

New Growth

We work with all adolescents, ages 11 up to 18, who are struggling with depression and anxiety as well as those with self-destructive behaviors such as self-injury, suicidal ideation, school refusal, maladaptive eating, and substance abuse.

We also recognize that with every struggling teenager comes a family who is also struggling. This is why we view parent participation as an integral component of our program. When both parents and teens participate fully, families experience the most success as they develop new skills which improve interactions with each other and the other people in their lives.

Our team works hard to identify and address the unique challenges of each adolescent and family by developing an individual treatment plan to address all concerns.

At Pinnacle Behavioral Health we work to provide guidance, compassion, and a renewed sense of direction for teenagers and their families. We empower our participants to make positive changes in all aspects of their lives.

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