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Frequently Asked Questions

* Do you do individual therapy sessions while clients are at Pinnacle? No. We keep individual therapists and program at Pinnacle separate. We do frequently collaborate with current individual therapists and other providers. Often times we have individual therapists temporarily discharge clients to us, and then readmit upon discharge from our program. If clients come to us without therapists, we try to provide resources to get a good fit before discharging from Pinnacle.

* Is transportation provided?  No. 

* Can parents split the time on multifamily nights? Yes. As long as one parent is involved on a multifamily night, that works. It all depends on what is possible for our families. Some parents split and sometimes both parents attend. 

* Do parents have to attend the program? Yes. This is what makes us different from other IOPs. Our program includes parents learning DBT skills alongside their children and a support group for them twice per week. 


* How do you balance after-school activities and homework while in this program? We try to be flexible with after-school activities and other commitments relating to school. We work to collaborate with schools on decreasing workload temporarily while in program if necessary. There also is a step down process where teens step down a day at a time in order to gradually transition out of the program. 


* Is medication management included in this program? Yes. Our Medical Director and psychiatrist, Dr. Lisa Karabelnik is available to manage medications while in program. When discharged, we transition clients to outpatient psychiatrists or APRNs to continue medication management.

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