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What is an Intensive Outpatient Program?


When an individual's treatment needs are more extensive than can be addressed in individual therapy and not at the level of having to go to the hospital, residential, or other higher levels of care, an Intensive Outpatient Program is likely to be a good fit. The level of care for an individual is recommended after the completion of a thorough clinical assessment. Our comprehensive assessment includes patient history, medical, social, educational, and psychological factors that may contribute to an individual's presentation.

The purpose of an Intensive Outpatient Program is to fully address an individual's treatment needs in a structured setting that accommodates school, life, and work. This is accomplished through multiple days of treatment each week where an individual and his or her parents/guardians participate in groups that focus on building skills to cope with and manage self-destructive behaviors, as well as groups that help individuals and families work through challenging struggles by relearning how to communicate with one another, accept one another, and allow for change.

Programs can have different treatment modalities and patient populations. Our program is a Dialectical Behavior Therapy based program for adolescents aged 11-18, and 18-25 who struggle with depression, anxiety, suicidality, self injury, substance abuse, and all other self-destructive behaviors. For more on who we treat, click here.

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