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Rachel Milo MSW LCSW
Rachel Milo obtained her Masters degree in social work with a clinical concentration from Fordham University. She is currently in the process of acquiring her Doctorate of social work from Southern Connecticut State University.  She has been a licensed clinical social worker in the state of CT for three years. Rachel has over eight years of experience working with behavioral health in children and adolescents. Rachel functioned as an emergency mobile psychiatric services clinician, providing emergency behavioral health services to children 5-18 on the western side of Connecticut. Rachel also spent a period of time as a clinician in a boy’s group home in the Danbury area, providing daily counseling, therapeutic intervention, and weekly DBT group therapy. Rachel works currently at a hospital in the Hartford area doing emergency department assessments for safety with children and adolescents. Rachel is enthusiastic about being a part of Pinnacle Behavioral Health, as it is a program that recognizes the highly important value of family inclusion and the need to support youth in developing strong coping skills to manage mental health needs.
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