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Jenna Angello, MS, LPC-A  ~  Counselor

Jenna Angello holds a masters degree in counseling from Central Connecticut State University with a specialization in school counseling. Jenna completed her internship at a high school where she used CBT therapy to address school anxiety, avoidance, and truancy. She began her career as a middle school social studies teacher and softball coach.  After working in the school system for twelve years, she recognized the importance of educating the whole child and the importance of the student’s mental well being to be successful in the classroom and all aspects of their lives. Jenna discovered the impact she began to have as a mentor and how passionate she was about making a difference in the student’s lives that she worked with.  She is eager about working at Pinnacle Behavioral Health and excited to work in a program that recognizes the importance and value of working with both the parents and the child.
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